Bob Forrester

About Bob Forrester

One of the numerous difficulties inherent in transitioning a complex organization from its Founder's phase posed a unique existential dilemma for Newman's Own. By the middle of November 2018, Newman's Own was forced to dissolve due to an unintended consequence of an old tax law.

After nine years of personal effort and up to 200 meetings per year, Bob Forrester succeeded in getting bipartisan legislation passed and signed into law in February 2018, establishing a new type of American business model called "The Philanthropic Enterprise." This ground-breaking legislation allowed Newman's Own to continue operations while also allowing dozens of other social entrepreneurs to launch businesses on the promise of donating 100% of their profits.

Bob Forrester founded and led Payne Forrester, LLC, a renowned international consulting firm that provided planning, management, fundraising, communications, and governance advisory services to non-profit organizations from 1980 to 2008. During Bob Forrester's tenure as CEO, the firm served over 500 clients.

The American University of Beirut during Lebanon's civil war, the United Nations Foundation and Global Polio Eradication Initiative, the establishment of 13 international therapeutic camps for children with life-threatening medical conditions, and, at Mr. Nelson Mandela's request, Bob Forrester was instrumental in developing and managing the South African Free Election. From 1969 to 1980, Bob Forrester held executive positions at New York University and the University of Hartford.